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When a woman gives birth to a child, it’s like part of her soul has shifted into a new being’s body, a being that she has to watch closely from now on and all her life…
When that part of her soul shifts all her
 hopes and dreams, her world… is not as small as it used to be…all the departed parts of her soul now keep her alert all the time…her dreams grow bigger and wider as the horizon circling her kids grow larger…

When you are one, your dreams, hopes and worries are all kept in your mind and soul….but when you have kids..part of that privacy is revealed…you become vulnerable…your soul spreads its wings around…you start worrying about their food, their life, their hopes, their dreams, their disappointments…etc.
And then you start worrying about the environment that governs your kids, the community, the institutes, the people they meet and they know…
Then your hopes, dreams and worries find new horizons…because you start thinking about not only your kids but other people’s kids, the community, Humanity and the universe..
That’s when you realize God’s wisdom in cultivating this love into parents hearts…the small funny creature called baby…will force you someday to care about not only him but the community, the world, the universe and the whole human race.


September 16, 2009 - Posted by | religion

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