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My Faith

Was really hard to be where I am…had lots of challenges to face…One thing was always repeated in the same way…I was always hardly trying to get something or reach somewhere…and constantly was disappointed….

I learned the lesson, not always what we choose is the right choice for us…there are always better options..if we have faith in God and leave the matter in His hand…IT’S NOT EASY, I KNOW…but its always the best solution…

I know for sure now that if you trust God, and have patience…all those things that you hoped for…all those people that left you alone…and all those apportunities you lost…will turn back to you in the most glorious way.
The only problem is that when your disappointed and you feel you reached a dead end, it’s not easy to leave the matter in God’s had and feel fine…you are still worried …and when your completely hopeless…have noone to turn to…you start to pray and hope again that God would solve it somehow…
Then someday unexpectedly, one call…one email…or a knock on the door…will bring you far more better things that you hoped for.


September 16, 2009 - Posted by | religion

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