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When I was in India..
I saw lots of different god’s being worshiped there, from cows to stones and idols..

In Europe…
I saw people believe God has a son, and a true Christian has to talk to the father in church about his sins to be forgiven. ..

In other countries….
I saw people deny the existence of God…..

As a Muslim…
I believe that God is so close to us even closer than our jugular veins, as it’s mentioned in the QURAN, Verse 50, and ayah 16:
“Indeed, we created the human. We know the whisperings of his soul, and are closer to him than the jugular vein.” (16)

It was not a philosophical comparison….

Just a thought that crossed my mind and wanted to share…

Since lots of people must got stuck sometime, somewhere, in a life corner…

Where one feels no one can help…

And you don’t have access to your idols or the temple to pray to your gods or awaken them by ringing the bills…..

The father of your church is far from you…he cannot hear your confessions… he cannot tell you: son your sins are forgiven and you will be saved….


Life is precious you don’t want to lose it….

You need someone who has the ultimate power to help…

You feel something inside you tells you there is someone that can hear your cries and whispers from where you are….

You are so hopeless………

From whatever region you are….

No matter what language you speak…..

Or from which race or societal ranking you are….

If you believe in God as He says “Indeed, we created the human. We know the whisperings of his soul, and are closer to him than the jugular vein.”

You will start talking to Him in your own language…

In your own humble words…

No matter where you are…

You will ask him for help…

You feel the inner peace when you know, He is always there for you…

He knows the whisperings of your soul…..

And He is so close to you that you can whisper your hearty thoughts to…..

You don’t have to reveal your sins in front of other human beings….

You don’t have to keep an idol with you wherever you go…

It was just a simple thought……….
Is it better to have a God that knows…
All the whisperings of the soul…
All the languages of the world…
And considers all human beings as equal in front of Him no matter from what race or region they are….
To believe in idol gods that you have to watch over and carry around……
To believe that revealing the sins you made to the clergy would only purify you….
What if you made sins and got stuck somewhere, you have no access to the clergy…..
And you are in the middle of nowhere….
Don’t you think it’s much easier to believe in a God that says:

“Indeed, we created the human. We know the whisperings of his soul, and are closer to him than the jugular vein.” (16) Verse (50)


September 17, 2009 - Posted by | religion

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