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Unfulfilled Wishes

Sometimes you wish for something so badly that you keep thinking about it all the time…yet no matter how hard you try and how close you go to getting it, it always slips your hand at the last moment, and your wish stays unfulfilled.
What is it that makes us wish for things we can never get, and while we know it’s out of our reach we keep thinking about it all the time…

 Even when we think we got disappointed and pretend that we forgot about it, we still wish in the bottom of our hearts that something would suddenly happen that makes our dream come true…
Yet; this never happens…
Long after that, one day, suddenly, and out of the blues the old dream comes true and you see what you wished for right in front of you waiting for you to catch it…………but, you are not the same person anymore…. you have passed over that dream long time ago and the wish is not there anymore. You either got something better instead, or you the need for it is not there no more…..
Then you realize…..Why is it that sometimes we wish for things we can never get…it was a wrong wish…it was not what we really needed.


September 28, 2009 - Posted by | Spiritual

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