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Parting Road

He was on his way
I was on my way
There was no fellow to show us the way
He was alone
I was alone
Both were trying to get us home
We were at the midst, of nowhere
We were driven, out of despair

It was dark, it was cold
There was no sound
In the haunted road

I said to myself
Why should go the road?
He said to himself
Why should go the road?
But the wind blow
And the night, strow

He said with fun as it was a game
Let’s get together and find the aim
I said with shame
Where is the aim, what is the game?
He said the life is the game with a tune of blame
I said with despair
Life is no game
Life is the aim
Getting together will cause a flame
A Flame that might live
Or burn us both, leaving no name
Life is no game
Life is the aim
To get home soon
Stop the, drain
Stop the, pain
Stop playing fool, when there is no game

Stay on the road
We all are owed
We should be stowed
With all the load
To reach the aim
To know the game

He just bowed his head with shame
He said no
I will let you go
Life, to me, not more than a game
I either lose, or collect the fame
You are alone
You are on your own

Hurt of the shame
For being the same
Without the game
I saw the light
I saw a beam

I took the road
Although I was slowed
But my heart glowed
With the beam of light
With my home on sight
I found my way
I found the ray


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Shadow of my Dream

I saw the shadow of my dream
It was so far, it was a beam
It was a fancy house at the park
With large windows open to stars
All my neighbors were fairly polite
And other people were strongly bind
There was the peace
There was a feast
And all the roses were at its peak
It was somewhere out of the world
Where all beauties, getting unfold
No existence was ever banned
Only the devil could never land
Was it above, was it below
I could never say, that is for sure
It was just, a big fancy world
With lots of stars cast on the globe
A world which had, no fear, or pain
Everyone was joyful and sane
He was there, they were there
There were all for fun and fair
He was the love
He was the hope
He was the center of all globe
I was devastated
I was stunned
I was mesmerized by all the fun
He was there
He was the love
He was the hope
He was the center of the globe
It was a shadow, only a dream
It was a hope, of eternal gleam

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Reason Talks

It was reason me and my heart
All three talking trying to be smart
Reason told us over that night
When life is over, and there is no light
your choices there then become alive
The judgment starts for all your strive
Was it good, was it right
Was it to ease people’s plight
Was it to be always forthright?
Or to renounce some people’s right
Was it evil, was it mal
Was all against moral
Was it a selfish man’s delight?
Did you help, or did you shun,
or did you make poor ones to run
Was it lust, was it desire
That made you fall in to that fire
What were your choices?
What were your hopes?
Tell me so I tell you where you will last
Was it to cherish an honest heart?
Or a selfish ego to get more smart
Was it to just, have all the lust?
Caring not at all, of rights get lost
Was it to pile all the cash at once?
Caring no more, who might get crushed?
What were your choices?
What were your hopes?
And the heart replied
All the love of world
And the ego said not enough at all
I need so more
I need it all
I want whatever my hands can hold
And the heart said
I need less much
I don’t have thrust, for what you lust
I just need to bust
A love I can trust
A love that would make
All my blood at once
Run dance in my veins
To bring me bunce
And the ego said,
Hahaha, haha
Hahaha, haha
When you have the must
The Cash you can trust
You will have the love
You will have the lust
You will have all that
You really thrust
Reason said no more
Heart knew it all
But the ego so smart
Try hardly to find, its own way out
Yet, when the light is gone
There is no fun
Only choices talk
For what you provoked
And the time is gone
The choice is done
Spare times are none
You are all done.

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What Women want

Having all roles a woman can have in her life, this single question kept barging in my mind:
Does a woman really like to have a career and be in the business world, or feminism did her a big harm getting her out of her house and putting a double burden on her shoulders, raising kids, and pursuing a career? Being a single mother and running a business is forcing me to seek the answer of my counterparts, would you as a woman like to have an outside work, or it's only the pressure of media that forces you to seek and prove your being by working in a full time job? Wouldn’t prefer to live in the old days when a man was the supporter of the family?

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Heart Beat

It was dark, it was cold,
There was no one, but my hopes
Out on my windows sat a nice dew
And in my mind silence with a dim glow
What is beating?
Is it my heart?
Why it’s beating?
Is there a spark?
Why it’s dancing with all mooning lights???
Why it’s beating?
In this chilly night
Is it a wish trying to blast?
Or an illusion, of what sought in the past
Is it my dream turning to a gleam?
Barging out to light
In the midst of night
Or just my dreams are getting repacked,
Out of no sight of any dim light
Hush, hush my heart,
Keep the beats down,
Don’t be so foul
Don’t sing it loud,
If it’s a wish coming so true,
Or it’s a dream, living out the night
Keep it quiet and out of the sight
Don’t sing it loud, don’t dance so wowed
Let the morning light,
Give it the fight,
And make it thrive.
In my dark room,
me and my dreams
We were planning for the coming spring
Longing for night to keep going on
I saw the light rush its way along
I said to myself
Keep it quiet,
Don’t sing it loud
Don’t make a riot;
Before the morning light
Would take it out
Keep it in your heart
And dance in the night
And let the morning light
Think coming in twice

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Age of Defeat

They say it’s the age of power
It’s the age of defeat
The age of spaceships, nano and microchips
I say it’s the age of hope
It’s the age of love
The age of soul, faith and belief
They say seize the day
And leave the soul, faith and love on its own
I say seize the warmth of an honest heartily soul
They say no wonder you stay always on your own
I say my loneliness is filled with all major hopes
What you have to seize other than empty cold feet
Running after power, dynasty and defeat
They say what you had of believe and leave
I say I have a world of knowledge
That keeps generations read
What we had in common
In ages of defeat

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My Love Grace

When I think of you,
I feel the peace hushing me down
When I think of you,
I see my bare foot, touching wet meadows ground
When I think of you,
There is no sound but the waves of night
And a warmth that travels with my veins
To reach all my cells and even my brain
To give me the shiver of the coming fever
To send me back,
To where I belong
To send me home,
To tell me land,
Land, land my humming bird
End the long lasted trek
You’re back home
You’re where you, belong
Don’t look no more
Here is what you looked for
Here is my soul
To fill up your heart
With all missing joys
Of the land of grace


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A Creature Called Mother

Mothers are the strangest creatures God created. They hold the fetus for nine months in their wombs, carrying him around all the time. They feel awful the first few months, yet they say nothing. They quit smoking, eating or drinking things they always loved. For nine months, they cannot have any rest or sleep; it starts with vomiting, and goes on with feeling ugly and heavy, having headaches, backaches, and pain in their tummies and legs most of the times. They turn big after being the cutie girl, their bodies’ shape starts changing, their tummies get big, their hands and feet starts swelling and they worry all the time whether that fresh looking body will be once again like it used to be. They worry every moment about the movement of the baby. They go through several laboratory tests to check the baby's health. When in labor, they experience the most strange and unbearable pains, yet they accept it and go through it. In a glimpse of an eye, when giving birth to their babies, they turn from being little mummy's girl, to a grown up woman, that is always worried about a cute little creature called baby.
She worries about the result of each test they conduct on her newborn baby. She feels that a part of her soul is captured in that tiny small body, his pains are her pains, and his smile lights up her world and gives her a joy that she never ever experienced before. They become so connected that only after few days, she learns her babies’ language. Each type of crying signifies something, one for milk, another for changing diapers, a sharp one for tummy pains, and a weaker weeping sound for feeling sleepy…and the list gets bigger day by day. She takes care of him 24 hours a day, and never complains, enjoys looking at him for hours while he is sleep, feels her heart has moved to that tiny body of his, and that her heart now synchronizes its beats with every breath the baby takes.
Her world is now as wide as the circle surrounding her child, and includes only the people who are in some way have something to do with that baby; from doctors, family members, friends…etc. The center of her attention is now limited to her baby, and others find their importance and position in her life according to their closeness to that center. She keeps asking others different kinds of questions, regarding all the issues related to her kid, from feeding, bathing, calming, dressing…etc. This creature, the mother, suddenly finds out that she is all ears and eyes; she watches every step of her infant’s growth will all her senses. She guards him with her life, till the day he is ready to go to kindergarten.
Foolishly, some young mothers think that their worries would be less by then, since others now share with her taking care of that kid; but soon she realizes that the circle of her worries is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. Mrs. Mother has to worry now about the kind of treatment her child receives from others, starts caring about her his friends and their attitude, she has to care now about everyone her kid cares about, because she simply seeks her joy in the happiness and satisfaction of her kid. Just when she thinks the worries are getting less the boundaries of that circle of worries gets bigger and bigger day by day to contain, school mates, friends, teachers, and each and every one that is in contact with that creature called her child. The extension of that circle starts to lose its limits as the child grows bigger and bigger. Now all the institutions that have to do something with her kid’s life are attracting her attention. She wants him to eat well, so she worries about the food quality and prices, and all the organizations that control it. She wants him to have the best education, so she starts worrying about all the educational system and staff. She wants to have a good future so she starts learning about making his dreams come true…etc. One day all of a sudden she realizes that she even cares about the ozone layers, since it has an effect on her kid’s life.
And naively men through ages keep wondering:
Why would women interfere with men’s world and their issues?
Why women are everywhere?
Why they are the first people to protest against injustices?
Why women risk their lives easily for others?
Why women can manage heavy shift jobs like nursing, easily?
Why women jump in front of a car to save a kid’s life?
Why women are the most contributors in the Red Cross?
Why mothers are the most understanding and kind creatures?
Why women can manage to do several tasks at a time?
Why Islam says heavens are laid beneath mothers’ feet?
Why Quran gives woman such a high position in human life and orders everyone to respect them?
It all has one simple answer:
Because women and mothers, are those heavenly creatures; who constantly and throughout the ages saved the world from self-destruction.
Women by giving birth to a child start the worrying process of their life, a process that never ends, by raising kids they develop strong tolerance, become more sensitive, more aware, more alert, more careful, meticulous observer, heavy task deplorer, more informative, and highly devoted. They become the essential part of making the world a better place to live. By raising kids, they develop a caring sensation about all the factors that would affect their kids’ lives, and help in achieving the goal of making their children happy creatures.
Mothers, by giving birth to the tiny creature called infant, in fact infant and nurture their own tiny whiny soul to turn from a little girli to a woman and the mother of earth.

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قلت و قالوا

قالوا:  يوم لك و يوم عليك
قلت: هل شكوت لكم حالي
قالوا:  لسان حالك ينطق بما تخفين
قلت: ليس من يده في الماء كمن يده في النار
قالوا: لا يأس من رحمة الله
قلت: الحمد لله ،لا اشكو منه الا اليه
قالوا: انما الخير كله من عند الله، وعسي أن تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم
قلت لنفسي: انهم علي حق…. ولكن يا اللهي ما اصعب الصبر بانتظار الفرج
ورحت احدق بنقطة بعيدة واكرر لنفسي
 وعسي ان تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم
وعسي ان تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم
وعسي ان تكرهوا شيئا و هو خير لكم
بعد اسبوع
رنين الهاتف يدوي منذ اكثر من خمس دقائق
الو…نعم…من…نعم..نعم…لا اصدق…كرر ما قلت مرة اخري من فضلك….يا الاهي…
كان هذا هو الفرج…جاء علي غفلة
وبدأت الدمعة تشق طريقها ببطء علي وجنتيها
فرحة وخجلة من خوفها ان ينساها الله

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pic15457With every beat of my heart
With every drop of my blood
With every inhale of my breath
With all my soul
I guard you my hope
Cherish you, and hold you
Cause you my hope
Are my ropes to hold
And climb the mountains high
You are my wings
To fly high in the skies
You are my feet
To run out the haunting past
You are my log
To hang on And pass over
Oceans of depression times

You are my light

In my darkest nights

I guard you my hope
With every beat of my heart

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