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Fire of the burnning soul

When you review what you wrote, you discover that what was powerful and profound was written out of pain. Pains are gains in writing. It melts you heart, burns your soul, and puts all the wisdom of your mind in chaos. Then your hands run on the key board and you write and write and feel that someone else is dictating you what to say and how to say it, then when you read it back you feel you wrote something different something genuine that you never knew you had within you.

When your full of hope full of love the power that forces you to write is the same heat of the pain, but mixed with a bitter sweetness, it’s a powerful fire within your soul that pumps your heart out and forces you to empty that energy and let the keyboard write what you cannot tell who cultivated that love or hope in your heart, you want to say more than what you say but not directly to the igniter of that fire which keeps you warm even if the world is freezing outside, cause even that hope, and that love is girdled with the fear of losing what you gained letting that fire burn your soul, melt your heart and put your all learned wisdom at chaos.


October 6, 2009 - Posted by | Spiritual

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