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Who are you????????

If we consider the evolution theory of Darwin as true, (although I don’t); and if we believe that human beings are defined by the essence of their soul, then the boundaries that a human soul can reach are defined by two ends, one end meeting the animalistic essence and the other end meeting the celestial heavenly core. Accordingly we can characterize people according to the degree of their closeness to each of these boundaries.

  • Some people are like cats, they look sweet, their meow’s are so nice that makes you want to keep them forever, but you discover that they are mean and rude when it comes to fulfilling their desires, as soon as they see a mouse moving they run after it, forgetting all the good you’ve done, and if you try to stop them they stick their nails into your flesh and the meow turns into a roaring scary sound, and when they are gone they are gone, never remember you again.

  • Other people are like dog’s, they guard you by their lives, they remain loyal forever, they bark in the face of any stranger that wants to you harm, they follow you where ever you go, they will be happy with a piece of bone, and they always come back, yet their place is always outside the house, unless you’re so lonely that you’re ready to share them your bed.

  • Some people are pigs, they eat dirt, they live in dirt, and hearing their sound is annoying. Everyone just sees them as an ugly being, and some see them as good flesh.

  • There are people who are just like monkeys, they imitate every move you make, jump all the time from a branch to a branch, and although they look inferior to other animals, they act like they are wise and know everything. Sometimes you doubt whether they are idiots as they jump around and play or they are wise and intelligent as when they just stare at you and rub their head and all of a sudden make a big wise move.

  • We also meet some people who act like a noble horse, they are classy, walk with pride, famous for their chastity, when they like something or someone they move their tails in an act of respect. When they are tamed they stay loyal forever, however, taming those most noble species need good talent and skills to deserve the ride.

  • One of the most unbearable kinds of people are the ones who act like bears, they just sit in a corner eat, and eat, and then sleep or lie down. They will not make a major move unless they dead hungry and find nothing to eat. When they have needs then they are the most dangerous animals on earth, they growl and growl and there is no escape from them.

  • Some people are like rats, a social animal that always runs around for a piece of cheese, live in holes the most humble accommodations. No one notice a rat unless they unite and come collectively to attack. Yet a piece of cheese will always satisfy them.

  • The most interesting ones are the lion like people, they hold their heads high wherever they go, everybody looks up to them and never know why. They look different, act differently, and never make a sound unless needed, kind of real classy one, force everyone else to silence at their presence. They only roar when it’s needed, to attract the opposite sex or to remind the others of their position in the woods.

  • The dangerous ones are those who are like snakes, they bite when you less expect it from an angle you rarely can imagine. They are a beauty with all that precious colorful skin and nice smooth moves. They fool you into believing they are exceptional and easily get close to you. When you are totally engaged with the magic of the moves, the skin and the strangely gazing eyes, they bite like poisonous dead. If you manage not to drop dead and heal from the bite you will never try to get close to anything like that again.

  • Fox like people greedy and opportunistic, always walking around quietly waiting for the right moment to attack. They always find the sheep like ones to show their power. Although they seem to want nothing their eyes always reveal their hidden malicious intent. If your fooled and don’t notice the mall intent then when the night falls you hear the barks the shivers your skin out.

  • People who remind you of cows or sheep are always tamed and giving, you keep them in your back yard, and they milk you, feed you, and never complain. They accept your control over them and move with your wand to whatever direction you lead them to pasture.

Most probably you wonder which kind of these people you have or want around you???
Referring to what was mentioned about the diversity of human soul; we can say that there is a thin line between the two ends, beastly and heavenly essence. We can downgrade our existence to be more close to the animalistic attitudes mentioned above or we can try our best to elevate our souls to pass that thin line and get close to the other end that ranks us as exceptional creatures called humans. Human beings, who, in all their life time, try their best to be kind, noble, loyal, friendly and devoted, their aim in life would be serving the human kind by their good deeds; they never expect much yet offer a lot. They are a joy to the honest hearts, and an elevated example for the pure souls to follow. They are unique resemblance of all the good traits of all God’s creations. They are like heavenly breeze; they bring joy, happiness, and the sweet smell of spring flowers to the gardens of human soul.


October 7, 2009 - Posted by | experience

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