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Flash Back (1)

It was almost 9:30 pm; she put her kids to bed at 8 as usual. she had to talk to them like she did every night till they go to sleep, her kids were never like others, they did not like bedtime stories, they just wanted her to review with them what happened during the day, just like three grownups they discussed everything with her…asking questions, judging her decisions, gossiping, and offering solutions to their current problems. Her kids were so close in age that everyone would consider them as triples, and the older was no more than 7 years old.

She turned all the lights of, went to her kitchen where she was sure her kids will not hear her voice. With the lights off she still could see the sparkling shinning floor; she spent all day cleaning her big three bedroom apartment. Sat down on the floor holding her leg tied to her chest, and laying her back to the ref door, staring at the dim lights coming in from the kitchen window …her warm tears started falling down on her bony cheeks…there was no sound…it was more than a week that she held the sale of her second hand stuff..Yet she could not sell much…the tears kept coming down silently…When he left he told her he will be back soon…he said he will try his luck in one of the neighboring countries…but its more than six months now since he left…every time he calls its just promises and promises…nothing new…when she says she has no more cash…he says manage..how should she manage…her kids… school fees…the rent…the bills…the landlord…what should I tell him tomorrow…and the tears poured down wormer and faster …she was sobbing inconsolably…

She tried her best to hold up, to manage, she even did not tell no one about her conditions…no daddy everything is fine…he is sending me some cash every month…yes daddy he started his business there..Yes daddy don’t worry…

Hi mom…everything is fine…don’t worry…

What should I do God, how should I manage…why….why God???????????????

She just turned 27 last week, she said no parties till my husband comes back…I’m not in the mode for that…she thought party…what…I hardly can feed these hungry mouths of my kids…how can I party….

They still think I’m the same rich woman who invited her friends all the time…what friends….I have to hide from everyone till he comes back…how I can tell… I even cannot afford my daily grocery….

-Sharon, why you are selling your fancy dresses, they’re all new

-I don’t have enough space, anyways I’m not going to use them anymore…you know me

God it’s so hard…I never thought ill see days like this…you have to tell me what to do…I have no one but you…help me Go—ddd……

-She is my lovely rose, dad I promise to cherish her like a red rose whole my life, she is my queen.

He opened the car door and she sat in feeling the butterflies dancing in her stomach….the car smelled like roses…she was madly in love…she never felt that way before…it took her only one month to fall in love with this handsome guy who came forward to ask her hand from her daddy…yes she knew him since childhood as far acquaintances but never thought he will be her husband someday…

he said he will cherish me like a red rose…..where is he now to see what is happening to his red rose…he did not even care to ask me where how did I come up with the cash the past six months…

she refrained from saying anything…she thought she should not bother him with their problems since he is far from home…it’s not right…wise women can manage while the husbands are away………

for the past ten minutes she was just staring at the dim city lights…her mind was blank…her tears dried up on her cheeks…

it was supposed that she would give the two months due rent to her landlord tomorrow night, but the sales did not go well, and she was too proud to ask the help of her brother or her father…

–yes, coming…coming…just a second…

Who is this so early in the morning, God…i feel my bones cracking…I’m so tired…

It was about 7 am

–hi Sharon, remember us, we were here few days ago.

–yeah, yeah

–I wonder if you still have anything left from the night dresses and the ……… (She numbered all the things she wanted)

–yes, they are still there, it’s only that I already packed them, are you sure you need all the items you mentioned, coz you know it’s not easy to bring them out from the store room.

–yeah I’m sure, in fact I will pay you the total amount now, just give a receipt in which you will mention that I can pick up today after noon, I came before I go to my shop, and you know the traffic………

Sharon could not hear a thing after that……


October 12, 2009 - Posted by | Short Story

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