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A Creature Called Mother

Mothers are the strangest creatures God created. They hold the fetus for nine months in their wombs, carrying him around all the time. They feel awful the first few months, yet they say nothing. They quit smoking, eating or drinking things they always loved. For nine months, they cannot have any rest or sleep; it starts with vomiting, and goes on with feeling ugly and heavy, having headaches, backaches, and pain in their tummies and legs most of the times. They turn big after being the cutie girl, their bodies’ shape starts changing, their tummies get big, their hands and feet starts swelling and they worry all the time whether that fresh looking body will be once again like it used to be. They worry every moment about the movement of the baby. They go through several laboratory tests to check the baby's health. When in labor, they experience the most strange and unbearable pains, yet they accept it and go through it. In a glimpse of an eye, when giving birth to their babies, they turn from being little mummy's girl, to a grown up woman, that is always worried about a cute little creature called baby.
She worries about the result of each test they conduct on her newborn baby. She feels that a part of her soul is captured in that tiny small body, his pains are her pains, and his smile lights up her world and gives her a joy that she never ever experienced before. They become so connected that only after few days, she learns her babies’ language. Each type of crying signifies something, one for milk, another for changing diapers, a sharp one for tummy pains, and a weaker weeping sound for feeling sleepy…and the list gets bigger day by day. She takes care of him 24 hours a day, and never complains, enjoys looking at him for hours while he is sleep, feels her heart has moved to that tiny body of his, and that her heart now synchronizes its beats with every breath the baby takes.
Her world is now as wide as the circle surrounding her child, and includes only the people who are in some way have something to do with that baby; from doctors, family members, friends…etc. The center of her attention is now limited to her baby, and others find their importance and position in her life according to their closeness to that center. She keeps asking others different kinds of questions, regarding all the issues related to her kid, from feeding, bathing, calming, dressing…etc. This creature, the mother, suddenly finds out that she is all ears and eyes; she watches every step of her infant’s growth will all her senses. She guards him with her life, till the day he is ready to go to kindergarten.
Foolishly, some young mothers think that their worries would be less by then, since others now share with her taking care of that kid; but soon she realizes that the circle of her worries is just getting bigger and bigger day by day. Mrs. Mother has to worry now about the kind of treatment her child receives from others, starts caring about her his friends and their attitude, she has to care now about everyone her kid cares about, because she simply seeks her joy in the happiness and satisfaction of her kid. Just when she thinks the worries are getting less the boundaries of that circle of worries gets bigger and bigger day by day to contain, school mates, friends, teachers, and each and every one that is in contact with that creature called her child. The extension of that circle starts to lose its limits as the child grows bigger and bigger. Now all the institutions that have to do something with her kid’s life are attracting her attention. She wants him to eat well, so she worries about the food quality and prices, and all the organizations that control it. She wants him to have the best education, so she starts worrying about all the educational system and staff. She wants to have a good future so she starts learning about making his dreams come true…etc. One day all of a sudden she realizes that she even cares about the ozone layers, since it has an effect on her kid’s life.
And naively men through ages keep wondering:
Why would women interfere with men’s world and their issues?
Why women are everywhere?
Why they are the first people to protest against injustices?
Why women risk their lives easily for others?
Why women can manage heavy shift jobs like nursing, easily?
Why women jump in front of a car to save a kid’s life?
Why women are the most contributors in the Red Cross?
Why mothers are the most understanding and kind creatures?
Why women can manage to do several tasks at a time?
Why Islam says heavens are laid beneath mothers’ feet?
Why Quran gives woman such a high position in human life and orders everyone to respect them?
It all has one simple answer:
Because women and mothers, are those heavenly creatures; who constantly and throughout the ages saved the world from self-destruction.
Women by giving birth to a child start the worrying process of their life, a process that never ends, by raising kids they develop strong tolerance, become more sensitive, more aware, more alert, more careful, meticulous observer, heavy task deplorer, more informative, and highly devoted. They become the essential part of making the world a better place to live. By raising kids, they develop a caring sensation about all the factors that would affect their kids’ lives, and help in achieving the goal of making their children happy creatures.
Mothers, by giving birth to the tiny creature called infant, in fact infant and nurture their own tiny whiny soul to turn from a little girli to a woman and the mother of earth.


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