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Heart Beat

It was dark, it was cold,
There was no one, but my hopes
Out on my windows sat a nice dew
And in my mind silence with a dim glow
What is beating?
Is it my heart?
Why it’s beating?
Is there a spark?
Why it’s dancing with all mooning lights???
Why it’s beating?
In this chilly night
Is it a wish trying to blast?
Or an illusion, of what sought in the past
Is it my dream turning to a gleam?
Barging out to light
In the midst of night
Or just my dreams are getting repacked,
Out of no sight of any dim light
Hush, hush my heart,
Keep the beats down,
Don’t be so foul
Don’t sing it loud,
If it’s a wish coming so true,
Or it’s a dream, living out the night
Keep it quiet and out of the sight
Don’t sing it loud, don’t dance so wowed
Let the morning light,
Give it the fight,
And make it thrive.
In my dark room,
me and my dreams
We were planning for the coming spring
Longing for night to keep going on
I saw the light rush its way along
I said to myself
Keep it quiet,
Don’t sing it loud
Don’t make a riot;
Before the morning light
Would take it out
Keep it in your heart
And dance in the night
And let the morning light
Think coming in twice


October 22, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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