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Reason Talks

It was reason me and my heart
All three talking trying to be smart
Reason told us over that night
When life is over, and there is no light
your choices there then become alive
The judgment starts for all your strive
Was it good, was it right
Was it to ease people’s plight
Was it to be always forthright?
Or to renounce some people’s right
Was it evil, was it mal
Was all against moral
Was it a selfish man’s delight?
Did you help, or did you shun,
or did you make poor ones to run
Was it lust, was it desire
That made you fall in to that fire
What were your choices?
What were your hopes?
Tell me so I tell you where you will last
Was it to cherish an honest heart?
Or a selfish ego to get more smart
Was it to just, have all the lust?
Caring not at all, of rights get lost
Was it to pile all the cash at once?
Caring no more, who might get crushed?
What were your choices?
What were your hopes?
And the heart replied
All the love of world
And the ego said not enough at all
I need so more
I need it all
I want whatever my hands can hold
And the heart said
I need less much
I don’t have thrust, for what you lust
I just need to bust
A love I can trust
A love that would make
All my blood at once
Run dance in my veins
To bring me bunce
And the ego said,
Hahaha, haha
Hahaha, haha
When you have the must
The Cash you can trust
You will have the love
You will have the lust
You will have all that
You really thrust
Reason said no more
Heart knew it all
But the ego so smart
Try hardly to find, its own way out
Yet, when the light is gone
There is no fun
Only choices talk
For what you provoked
And the time is gone
The choice is done
Spare times are none
You are all done.


October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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