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Shadow of my Dream

I saw the shadow of my dream
It was so far, it was a beam
It was a fancy house at the park
With large windows open to stars
All my neighbors were fairly polite
And other people were strongly bind
There was the peace
There was a feast
And all the roses were at its peak
It was somewhere out of the world
Where all beauties, getting unfold
No existence was ever banned
Only the devil could never land
Was it above, was it below
I could never say, that is for sure
It was just, a big fancy world
With lots of stars cast on the globe
A world which had, no fear, or pain
Everyone was joyful and sane
He was there, they were there
There were all for fun and fair
He was the love
He was the hope
He was the center of all globe
I was devastated
I was stunned
I was mesmerized by all the fun
He was there
He was the love
He was the hope
He was the center of the globe
It was a shadow, only a dream
It was a hope, of eternal gleam


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