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Parting Road

He was on his way
I was on my way
There was no fellow to show us the way
He was alone
I was alone
Both were trying to get us home
We were at the midst, of nowhere
We were driven, out of despair

It was dark, it was cold
There was no sound
In the haunted road

I said to myself
Why should go the road?
He said to himself
Why should go the road?
But the wind blow
And the night, strow

He said with fun as it was a game
Let’s get together and find the aim
I said with shame
Where is the aim, what is the game?
He said the life is the game with a tune of blame
I said with despair
Life is no game
Life is the aim
Getting together will cause a flame
A Flame that might live
Or burn us both, leaving no name
Life is no game
Life is the aim
To get home soon
Stop the, drain
Stop the, pain
Stop playing fool, when there is no game

Stay on the road
We all are owed
We should be stowed
With all the load
To reach the aim
To know the game

He just bowed his head with shame
He said no
I will let you go
Life, to me, not more than a game
I either lose, or collect the fame
You are alone
You are on your own

Hurt of the shame
For being the same
Without the game
I saw the light
I saw a beam

I took the road
Although I was slowed
But my heart glowed
With the beam of light
With my home on sight
I found my way
I found the ray


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