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What is Happiness

When I was 7, happiness was to get the best grades at school.
When I was 13, happiness meant to be the most popular girl in school, to be witty, brilliant and beautiful.
When I was 17, happiness meant to find the love my life.
When I got married, happiness was to stay in love for ever.
When I gave birth to my children, happiness became the reflection of joy in my kids’ eyes.
When I became the wife and the mother happiness meant to keep my family happy.
When I lost my husband, happiness was to be able to support my kids as a single mother.
When I enrolled for Masters, happiness was to be able to manage between my study, work and raising kids.
When I started my own business happiness meant to make my folks proud by my success.
When the global credit crisis happened, happiness meant to have the minimum loss.
When I lost everything, happiness meant to see my family around me.
When my family had to part to find a way to survive, happiness became a strange word to me.
And I said why? I asked God hundreds of times why me? I begged Him to bring me back my happiness.
And almost when I forgot what happiness was, my thoughts turned into words composing stories, poems, and articles, and happiness became the joy of discovering the new me, me as “a trying to be writer” me.
Suddenly, I thought how diverse and illusive the meaning of this word is, Happiness…how can a word mean so many things to me, and so many other things to others…then I came to know that what we all consider as happiness is not the real thing, happiness in ancient stories was always combined by ever after…so why none of what we think of as a integral component of being happy stays the same, or gives us the same thrilling feeling of joy for ever…why when we are asked about happiness we always relate it to accomplishing or getting something. Why nothing and no one can make us happy forever? Why we try so hard to feel happy? And why people who have what we wish for are not happy?
I need answers, I’m trying my best to find the right answers for all those questions, it took me years to know some of those answers, but I still need your opinions to conclude and finish this quest and publish my article, say your word if you want to be heard, after all it all counts.


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