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Life Train

When we think that we are on the express train heading to the bright future; that is of the most times we have to be careful before we get lost at the end of the road or step down from the train in the land of nowhere. The beautiful sceneries of the road can only be seen when we slow down and pay attention to all the tiny details, when we appreciate the magic of every spot we pass by, when we memories the impression each person or part of the road left behind, when we take the time to leave all our gadgets behind and step down at each station for few moments to clear our mind, watch the pace of the moving trains, take a rest, have a cup of coffee and socialize, make friends and leave some friends behind, load or unload excess baggage needed to travel at ease to the intended destination…
Then with the experience we gained in moments we spent at the station step up again in the moving train or even if necessary switch trains to be on the right path towards the future, but what so ever never stay in a station unless we sure there lies the bright future we were headed for .
Sometimes we get caught by the pace, we forget to observe, to see, enjoy, listen, or step down at a station to take a rest…and suddenly the train stops… That is when we astonishingly wonder why the train stopped…why so suddenly…it might seem to be for an engine repair, or it’s an unexpected break down, but in worst cases bumps into something and causes great damages that cannot be recovered…
And we fume and wonder why…we curse and blame…although this is not as we think a sudden unexpected event or tragedy, this is the way of life to force us to stop and pay attention, it’s not a hindrance as we think and get furious for and blame everyone, it’s life who is sending a message to slow down before you miss your station and true destination.


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