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The problem with us human beings is that we know everything but when it comes to applying the rules to our lives, it becomes so hard…

We know God is kind, God is merciful, God is forgiving…but it’s so hard to wait….so hard to be patient……..

We wish for something, we pray to God to make it come true, and we try our best to do what we have to do, then we have to wait till the right moment to see that dream come true….that waiting…That being patient….is something which make us tired and hopeless…

After having faith and being patient for sometime…

Suddenly we get angry from God…

We start to curse…we shout out loud …WHAT DID I DO WRONG GOD…why this is happening to me…why my dreams are so distant and far from me…..why every step I take…every move I make…ends me up with a bigger disappointment…….OW…God…do you hate me that much…don’t you say that you love all the people equally…so why you leave me alone in this….I will not ask you for anything anymore………….

Hopeless, disappointed, lonely, heartbroken you lie down…wake up…and lie down again….and days pass by…you stop talking to God…you stop asking Him for things you want…sometimes you even deny your faith in Him…..

And you know in the bottom of your heart that you are only angry with him…but still wish He makes your dream come true…..

One day all of a sudden…something happens…something that makes you jump up and down and you feel world is in your hands..You are happy again…it’s not what you wished for…it’s even better….

God have given you something greater…..even though you were mad at him….

You know this was not the first time you lose your patience with God, yet you do act in the same way every time…every time you face a problem…..and the most Merciful most Companionate gives you more each time…you feel ashamed….

Why do we human beings are so ungrateful…why we forget every time what we have….what we got…why we forget the precious gifts we receive from God every time…..

Why do we know everything…and yet we forget…we lose our faith…we lose our patience…and run in the same hollow circle between faith and denial…hope and disappointment…between love and hatred…WHY?????????????????????????


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Where is my soul?

Some days you wake up and it seems like you lost your soul in your dream, you walk around…you feel nothing…just like a dead body walking around…feel nothing…hear nothing…see nothing…care about nothing…

You wonder where did I lay my heart…what happened…you want nothing…you wish nothing…….

Is there a heart in my chest…is there a soul within this dead walking flesh….where did I lose myself….

Nothing is changing…nothing matters to you…no jokes make you laugh…no sorrows make you cry….

It’s like walking in straight line that has no end……………..

You ask yourself where I lost my soul….you cannot even open your mouth to spell a word……

just gaze to a lost point…seeing nothing…ow…there is no memories…nothing……..just a big hollow space in your brain…no heart in your chest….no soul in your body……….

Some days……..you even forget you’re breathing……..its only silence and nothing more………

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Fire of the burnning soul

When you review what you wrote, you discover that what was powerful and profound was written out of pain. Pains are gains in writing. It melts you heart, burns your soul, and puts all the wisdom of your mind in chaos. Then your hands run on the key board and you write and write and feel that someone else is dictating you what to say and how to say it, then when you read it back you feel you wrote something different something genuine that you never knew you had within you.

When your full of hope full of love the power that forces you to write is the same heat of the pain, but mixed with a bitter sweetness, it’s a powerful fire within your soul that pumps your heart out and forces you to empty that energy and let the keyboard write what you cannot tell who cultivated that love or hope in your heart, you want to say more than what you say but not directly to the igniter of that fire which keeps you warm even if the world is freezing outside, cause even that hope, and that love is girdled with the fear of losing what you gained letting that fire burn your soul, melt your heart and put your all learned wisdom at chaos.

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How diverse the human soul is, one minute we feel like flying in the skies, the other moment we feel so down that no one can pick up the shattered pieces of our broken heart. What is it with us human beings that one word can change our mood so fast, one small kind impression elevates our spirit so high in the skies that we feel we can fly around the world and see the roses in all the natural colors, yet one small indifference brings us so down that we feel we can see the hot core of the earth burning in our hearts…God.. oh..Dear God…what did you cultivate in our veins that runs sometimes so fast that it would pump our hearts out..And other times the same blood in the same vein walks like a turtle on a sandy desert land that shows no signs of life or hope…

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امداد غیبی

امداد غیبی چیست؟
با اینکه امروزه کلمات معنای واقعی خودرا از دست داده اند
اما بهرحال امداد غیبی به کمک های غیر منتظره از طرف خداوند گفته می شود
در مذهب هندو و بودا به‌ ان قانون کارما می‌‌گویند.
و به زبان عامیانه می‌گویند از هر دستی‌ بدهید از همان دست پس میگیرید
اکثر مردم این قانون را قلبا قبول دارند اما ممکن است که به‌ ان اذعان نکنند

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Unfulfilled Wishes

Sometimes you wish for something so badly that you keep thinking about it all the time…yet no matter how hard you try and how close you go to getting it, it always slips your hand at the last moment, and your wish stays unfulfilled.
What is it that makes us wish for things we can never get, and while we know it’s out of our reach we keep thinking about it all the time…

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I’m a Survivor

I was down today, turned on the TV carelessly, a comedy series just started, it was called Reba starring country music singer Reba McEntire . The song at the beginning of the series and the commercial breaks was like this…I’m a survivorrrr….I’m a survivorrrrrrrrr….

Surprisingly funny Reba was a newly damped and divorced lady with three kids, two girls and a boy. She is trying to get adapted to her new life in a funny way, and has to face lots of challenges, from supporting and handling three kids’ problems to dealing with the new life of a single mother………
A I giggled and laughed the whole time, people’s lives and problems are so much alike…we can easily turn our sorrows to a comedy scene and take it easy…cause this is life and…
 I’m a survivorrrr….I’m a survivorrrrrrrrr….

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