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My soul is shattered,
By what it knows and cannot apply
My heart is broken,
By the ones so close that cannot defy
My head is spinning,
With what they thought and what’s on my mind
Ow dearly God ,
Don’t you see my cries?
Don’t you hear my sighs?
Don’t you feel the ramping blood?
Flooding tears into my eyes
OW, OW, my dear God
reach out to my soul
heal out my wound
mend out my heart
and rest down my mind
ow, God, dear God
take me apart, and restore me back in one part
clear out my doubts
calm down my heart
bring back together all my missing parts
ow, my darling God
break me, shake me,
Burn me, melt me ,
And shape me back
Like an angel knight
Who takes by sword the ghosts of night
And brings back the light
To all dimming nights


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The sun is down
My love is gone
My worries have ended
When you left the town
You were my sorrows
You were my hopes
You filled my world with untamed joys
You made me wonder
Why the sun rose
Why the wind blows
Why the sea flows
Why all deserts, garnished with red rose
You made me wonder?
Why the bird flies
Why my heart sighs
Why when you move around,
My blood rise,
To fill up my heart, with all butterflies
But the sun is down
And you left the town
My worries have ended, and all my whys.
Just left me silence
Silence and no whines
All of a sudden, I burst in a cry
And my soul started all new whys
Why you were mine,
Why you left town,
Why you filled up my heart, with the red wine
You made me wonder
Why the come and goes
Why we all follow, what the wind blows
You made me shout
With all my heart
If you were the one
Then who is the One?
You rubbed me my life
You left me behind
You made me wonder, and ask all my whys.
And it was the One that heard my cries
That soothed my whines
That answered my whys
That filled up my heart
With a heavenly wine
Cleansed up my soul of toxic thrives
He became the One, my only one
You became someone that was no one
You led my heart, to love the One
The only One,
The only source of everyone
The love of the One
Who is forever, my Everyone.

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